Public Relations

In the last decade digital Public Relations (PR) has enhanced traditional Public Relations. The advent of the Internet and electronic communications has transformed how public relations firms operate. Failing to place signifigant importance on ushering the digital side of PR into the fold can leave you out of the loop. 


Savvy PR teams now supplement their activities with Pay Per Click ads. Well placed PPC ads help Reputation Management by countering negative comments made by online communities. PPC targeting lets PR pros place their messages in front of small numbers of journalists. 


Over the years Google has made it more difficult to trick their Search Engine algorithm. Modern link building takes on a public relations approach when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. A large portion of your SEO efforts overlap with traditional public relations undertakings as effective link building takes the type of outreach PR groups possess.


Content marketing through Social Media Optimization represents one of the highest ROI when done right, and in tandem with each other. Social shares are more important in calculating search engine rankings now than they have ever been with no sign of slowing down.

Build campaigns Tailor Made For Your Audience.

From using social media platforms to interact with groups of people to organize traditional PR events, or using SEO strategies to put your message at the top of search engines, and even gaming PPC campaigns to either get your message to extremely specific audiences or proactively managing paid search accounts during crisis management to fight against negative press; Boston Digital PR can help take you where you need to be.  

Be heard 24/7 

Boston Digital Public Relations uses all the tools at our disposal to make sure your message breaks through to your target audience. Rank your pages higher through our SEO efforts, get your ads in front of the faces you want using relevant PPC techniques, and sound off through your social media platform to ensure not only that you are heard, but you can’t be missed.  

Content Delivery

A majority of people consume their content via electronic devices.

Adapt your traditional PR methods, so that you deliver effective content to the modern devices that people use to consume search engine optimized electronic content.


“Public relations and SEO have merged together to become virtually unrecognizable from one another. “

“It’s (Digital PR & PPC) become so effective it was one of the most important tools used by the Leave Campaign during BREXIT’s bid to leave the European Union.”

Reach out and contact us to learn more about how Boston Digital PR can help maximize the growth necessary to make a name for yourself in your market.